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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

on February 26, 2015 at 9:18 am

Ever since I had turned eighteen, I’ve been in a continuing and considerably seemingly discouraging pursuit to remove the unwanted hair on some elements of my physique; and I literally have tried all sets of house cures for facial hair removing, lip hair removing, and underarm hair removing but to no avail.

*Replace: We get so many readers contacting us on the lookout for a machine that is protected to make use of on the face. So YES! The Tria 4X is 100% protected and FDA authorised to make use of on your face & body together with delicate body areas*

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Review-of-the-Tria-Hair-Removal-Laser-4XIt’s not simply me though, nobody can deny the fact that every woman ultimately reaches some extent in her life when she just needs to eliminate all her annoying and unwanted hair from the elements of her physique which are NOT really alleged to be coated with hair within the first place.

As a twenty year-old school scholar with a fair skin tone and bushy palms, abdomen, arms, bikini line, and legs, (it feels worse than how it sounds) this has been my life’s biggest wrestle to date.

WARNING: Don’t use this machine on very darkish brown or black pores and skin, use this machine. Do you’ve got blonde, pink, gray or white hair? It is advisable to use this machine.

I’ve also undergone numerous hair removing remedies like electrolysis, waxing, bleaching, and shaving. Unfortunately, none of those which I’ve tried already has the proper to be dubbed as the perfect hair removing strategy of all time since all the methods I’ve tried up to now solely yielded momentary outcomes.

That is the rationale why after in search of one thing extra permanent for therefore many months, I finally purchased the Tria Magnificence 4x Laser Hair Removal Gadget when I found it online two months in the past.

After looking for the fitting laser hair removing machine and hair removing products, I finally discovered Tria Magnificence 4x Laser Hair Removal.


Above (from left to proper):  Tria 4X Laser, Tria Precision (assessment),  Anti-Ageing, Anti-Pimples,

Now, what units Tria aside from any standard everlasting hair removing method? Properly, take a look at the reasons under based mostly on my Tria laser evaluate which is predicated from my real-life utilization of the Tria for two consecutive months now.

*Update: A couple of readers have been confused concerning the distinction between the Tria Precision and the Tria 4X Laser. This evaluate is on the Tria 4X Laser which is the bigger, bolder and better model of the Tria Precision. This system is best for use on each BODY & FACE whereas the Tria Precision was manufactured mainly for smaller body elements and to be used on the face*

Me Using the Tria 4X Laser

It’s 100% Protected!

The Tria 4x – is a hair removing laser that is FDA-cleared so there’s no need for you to worry about potential mishaps from using this permanent hair removing gadget in your personal residence.


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To those that are questioning about laser hair removing unwanted side effects and have long held the query “Is laser hair removal safe?”, I can confidently inform you that the Tria laser is 100% protected to use on your face hair removing because the Tria laser does not manipulate the cells beneath your pores and skin, so it does not trigger cancer or another pores and skin irregularities.

Nevertheless, in case you are wondering whether or not it is the proper know-how to be used for long-term hair removing for darker pores and skin, I’d wish to let you already know as early as now that this product is just not meant for use on darker pores and skin tones or anyone with blonde, purple, grey or white hair (you will want to refer Katie’s submit when you have dark pores and skin or pink, blonde, white or grey hair).


Earlier than utilizing my Tria 4x, I’ve learn the instructions that got here along with it and came upon that Tria 4x just isn’t a permanent hair-removal for all pores and skin tones. Here’s a chart to information you:

If your pores and skin tone is inside the vary given above, then you’ll be able to certainly achieve loads of benefits from utilizing the Tria laser… like me!

WARNING: Don’t use this machine on brown or black pores and skin, use this machine as an alternative. Do you have got blonde, pink, grey and white hair? You might want to use this machine.

Let’s Speak Body Elements


Anyway, as I used to be saying, after using my Tria 4x, I have realized that it’s, definitely, not only the most secure gadget to make use of in your face however it has also been named as the following: the most effective hair removing machine for legs, the most effective hair removing machine for again, and DEFINITELY the most effective hair removing machine for pubic area since it is a light-weight system well designed for pain free hair removing for sensitive areas of the physique.

I discovered my session utilizing the Tria 4x much easier to do compared to the opposite forms of laser hair removing for underarms methods that I’ve tried up to now few years.


What you’ll expertise from utilizing this know-how is nowhere near painful. I might not even go as faras calling it a sting. What you’ll expertise at depth 5 is only a warm feeling. It’s due to this protected function why I consider that the Tria 4x is probably the most best and greatest hair removing machine for face out there out there right now. Apart from that, it additionally has a skin tone sensor that may show you how to verify in case your skin is appropriate for the Tria laser.

Once I read the field of my Tria, I came upon that it discharges a laser referred to as the diode ray. Diode laser hair removing is something which may completely take away hair, so which means for me, a woman with black hair and truthful pores and skin, can use this everlasting hair removing machine 100% successfully.

Straightforward to make use of options


What I really like probably the most concerning the Tria is that it’s a convenient hair remover. The Tria 4x has easy-to-use settings that includes a lock, a battery life indicator, a pulse counter, a skin tone sensor, a remedy degree intensity, and a power button.

Once I obtained the Tria 4x laser hair removing two months ago, I needed to use it mainly for armpit hair removing as a result of each time I shave, I am often left with a shadow on my underarms so regardless that I had already shaved, I still appeared like I hadn’t.

It sucked, and it’s truly one of many the reason why I’m glad to have discovered this super friendly Tria which provides me the liberty to choose from 5 depth levels throughout remedy. Ideally, you’re alleged to work your method up to intensity 5. Once I used it I felt no pain in any respect from degree 1 – 5 so after utilizing degree 1 for my first three periods, I already skipped to five for quicker results.

Stylish exterior and exceptionally lightweight

Tria-4x-Hair-Removal-LaserView All Specs Here

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The chic exterior of Tria makes it a sensible and stylish addition to your set of magnificence units. Aside from being ranked as the #1 hair removing machine for house use, this cordless laser unit may also be easily stored anyplace since it’s a handheld laser hair removing gadget which doesn’t take up too much area at all.

Low cost permanent hair removing

Before buying the Tria, I first compared how the price of an at residence laser remedy and a clinic-based remedy will amount to in complete.


And I have came upon that for those who’ll examine the price of an at residence laser hair removing made attainable by Tria to the cost of laser hair removing from a clinic, you’ll find yourself seeing that you simply’ll be spending a far greater sum of money outdoors your house than with the purchase of this cool-looking magnificence gadget.

After using this residence laser hair removing system and the calming cream additionally, I’ve realized that its worth utterly justifies the infinite outcomes. Truly, if we actually take into consideration the comfort this gives us by not having to set up an expensive appointment in a clinic and shouldering the precise value of laser hair removing remedies, the Tria 4x is definitely a CHEAP laser hair removing know-how which can show to be a very clever investment afterward in life… or, simply, after five periods.

Do I recommend this know-how?

YES. YES. And… YES. Fact be informed, it might be a criminal offense not to allow you to guys understand how efficient this Tria laser hair removing system is.

Although this is not meant as a laser hair removing for darkish pores and skin tones, it is nonetheless so admirable how Tria installed a pores and skin sensor in this gadget in order that nobody with a dark pores and skin tone can expertise absorbing an excessive amount of warmth from the precise laser. If in case you have dark pores and skin, read here.

Compared from all the facial hair removing products I’ve used earlier than, that is really a gem. Its sensible design supports its perform, and I’m positive once I say that it will probably’t get any higher than this as a result of that is the perfect moveable laser hair removing out out there right now – everyone seems to be raving about it identical to me.

I actually want I had bought this Tria hair removing laser 4x sooner. Had I achieved that, getting rid of my undesirable hair from the bushy elements of my body would have been a lot simpler.

Nonetheless, I’m still thankful that I’ve lastly used it and that there’s only a scant quantity of undesirable hair left on my physique as of now. Having stated this, it solely makes good sense why I extremely advocate this Tria hair removing know-how to anyone who has a fair to mild brown skin tone. So, what are you ready for? Zap away!

Updated: One among our readers has submitted her story, evaluation and progress after using her Tria 4X laser for 3 months, you’ll be able to learn more about it right here.

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Good Things

  • #1 hair removing machine for house use
  • #1 most secure machine to make use of on each FACE & BODY
  • No alternative catridges! (No additional costs incurred)
  • Doesn’t require energy (no cords) so very moveable (great for travelling)
  • FDA Permitted

Dangerous Issues

  • Doesn’t work on dark skin colors (take a look at Me Clean)
  • Ineffective on blonde, pink, gray or white hair (take a look at Me Clean)

The Breakdown

Outcomes after 5 Remedies


Average Group Score



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